Dalgona Candy – A New Baking Trend

A love of the Korean drama, Squid Game, has taken over individuals around the world.  People have attempted the games played in the series and even recreated the infamous candy called Dalgona, used in the third episode of Squid Game.  For those who haven’t experimented with creating their own recipe for Dalgona, there is no need!  All fans of this k-drama can create their own version of the candy by using a recipe from Justin Sullivan.

The recipe is quite simple, with the only ingredients being sugar and baking soda; a ladle, cookie-cutter, measuring cup, and non-stick baking sheet, the only equipment needed to complete the process.

To start, measure 2 tablespoons of sugar into the ladle.  Then hold the ladle over a medium flame and stir the melting sugar for about two minutes.  After the sugar is completely melted, add a pinch of baking soda.  Pour the liquid mixture onto a baking sheet in two equal circles and use the measuring cup to press down gently on the candy until the thickness is about a quarter of an inch.  Then use a cookie-cutter of choice to press into the candy.  Let the new Dalgona cool for a few minutes and then Buon Appetito!


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