K-Pop & Agatha Christie?


A photo Lily took at a Stray Kids concert.

Emma Bradley '24

Listening to music and reading. What better way to spend a rainy day? For senior Lily Moran, these two activities have made a lasting impact on her life in unforgettable ways. In her Digital Publishing class, Lily was asked  “What do you like to do?” Without hesitation, Lily shared her love of K-Pop and mystery novels.  

Lily discovered K-Pop in 2015 when she began exploring different genres of music. Little did she know it would give her more than just entertainment. “I have made lots of friends at K-Pop concerts. It’s nice to find people who like it, too,” explained Lily.  Some of her favorite bands include BTS, Twice, Ateez, Astro, VICTION, and Itzy.

Lily also finds comfort in reading mystery and fantasy novels. They enable her to escape reality for a while: “When I read books it’s like I’m drifting into a different world and I can be anyone and do anything.” Her favorite book is The Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, which was also made into a movie. “I like to collect books as well and have been doing it for a while,” said Lily. The senior is heading off to the University of Montana next fall where she plans on pursuing a career in Forensic Science, which was inspired by reading mystery novels.

Both reading and listening to music have helped Lily cope with stress and angst—something that many teenagers struggle with—allowing her to escape the stresses of being a student for a while.