Ella Delatush speaks to her Social Justice class about period poverty.
Senior Combats Period Poverty
Sofia Uribe '24

Sparked by her Social Justice class and a desire to win the prestigious Gold Award, lifelong Girl Scout Ella Delatush ‘25 is spreading the word to combat period poverty in her community and beyond.   Delatush said, "After learning about [period poverty] in Social Justice class, I realized it was a huge issue in our community.”  In the Morristown area and worldwide, low-income women often face a lack of access to menstrual products, education and hygienic facilities, resulting in missed school and work days.   Motivated to increase awareness about its serious consequences, Delatush created a presentation for high school students, which she recently shared with an audience of over 250 students at DePaul Catholic.  Her presentation is also scheduled at over 20 schools in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, with an estimated audience of 2500 students. This...


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Positive Practices
Positive Practices
Kayle Brody '25

In a world that revolves around social media, it can be hard to find peace. We are constantly inundated by new information, some of it damaging. When we react to a single piece of negative contact, we begin the domino effect of the internet’s negative messaging. However, we do not live our lives are on the internet, so there are many steps we can take to prevent negative spirals and keep our positivity up!   1. Journal! Vent...

A Glimpse into Madame Web
A Glimpse into Madame Web
Melanie Montanez '24

Recently, my friend and I went to see the newest superhero movie, Madame Web. Madame Web tells the journey of a clairvoyant woman named Cassandra Web who is forced to explore her past while protecting a group of 3 young women from an unknown villain.  Now, this movie is notoriously known for its bad reviews by critics. But is the movie truly that bad? Below I am going to give you my opinion. *** Slight Spoilers below**** Like...

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Gitanjali Rao
Kathryn Walker '26

Over the summer, I attended the Congress of Future Medical Leaders. Over 5,000 high schoolers from all over the country traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to listen to various renowned speakers share their stories and advice, guiding our generation towards our future as leaders in science and medicine. There were over 20 unique speakers, but one of them stood out to me: Gitanjali Rao.  When Rao was in seventh grade, she...

MC^2 = Dr. Reilly.
Dr. Reilly Confesses
Ava Petrecca ‘25

Sally Bowles in Cabaret… Nancy in Oliver… M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias… These are just a few roles Academy English Teacher Catherine Reilly, PhD, has performed in professional theater.  “I've been doing it my whole life,” she stated.   This...

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