A Valentines Day card by Morgan Lomax 24.
Joyeuse Saint-Valentin!
Bridget Lomax '24

The French Club is one of the Academy's most active organizations, and members enjoy its myriad activities. Highlights include: Eating tartines, or sliced baguette with brie and fig jam. Watching excerpts from La belle et la Bête, or Beauty and the Beast. Learning the history of Paul Verlaine's “Chanson de l’automne.” Fencing with baguettes. Designing croquis, or couture sketches during a Fashion x French Club crossover meeting. Most recently, the French Club came together once again in an early celebration of La Saint Valentin, or Valentine's Day. French is considered a romantic language in America, and they embraced this perception by learning how to say "I love you" (je t'aime) and other quintessential romantic terms. Then they made bedazzled cards to show their appreciation for people well in advance of the holiday itself. Why the rush? Well, up next...


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Is it ethical to eat meat?
Is it ethical to eat meat?
Madelyn Riordan '26, Writer

Eating meat is an unethical practice and causes countless animals to suffer through unimaginable pain and lose their lives for humans to have them on their dinner tables. Leading up to death, animals live in horrible conditions since the whole practice of livestock farming has a negative environmental footprint. The more people who avoid eating meat, the less demand our society will have, resulting in fewer animals living...

The Fab Four in 24?
The Fab Four in '24?
Chengli Payton '25

Exciting bursts of nostalgia have hit Beatlemaniacs far and wide this past year. Not just in the release of The Beatles' last song “Now And Then,” which debuted on streaming services, but their exciting Grammy win this past Sunday. Though two of the four members of the Beatles are no longer with us, cutting-edge technology enabled clean recordings from John Lennon's demos for "Now and Then" and stellar visuals for their...

Photo taken by Chengli Payton of  Misty Copeland performing in Swan Lake (May 2018).
Misty Copeland: Dancing to Success
Chengli Payton '25

Every little girl needs a role model. As we celebrate Black History Month, it is important to learn about role models in the Black community that have bettered our world in many ways. To ballerina Misty Copeland, her acclaim and success are not just in the bright lights of the stage or the applause from fans, but from the wonderful impact she has on young dancers of color such as herself. As the first African American female...

Mrs. Broesler in her favorite classroom: the Panther Den!
Mrs. Broesler
Kayle Brody '25

Regional winner, top five national champion, and a top 15 contestant in Worlds, Mrs. McGovern-Broesler is the Academy’s very own Irish step-dancing prodigy. The Charleston graduate majored in exercise science due to her passion for health....

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