Alumnae Interviews: Kate Donald

Emma Ritchie '25

This weekend, I sat down with AOSE Alumni, Mrs. Kate Donald, who graduated from the Academy in 1987. Mrs. Donald had many fond memories of her time on campus and said that one of her favorites was getting her junior ring. She and her friends were excited about owning the same piece of jewelry. Speaking of her friends, Mrs. Donald went to college with a few of her fellow seasters and currently stays in touch with some of them. She has been to several high school reunions for the Academy and even had her son the day after her tenth reunion!

During her time at the Academy, Mrs. Donald was a cheerleader for Delbarton football and basketball teams. She also ran track and was on the swim team. One thing she did not get was a lot of sleep, as she used to practice for the swim team at 5:30 AM. After graduating AOSE, Mrs. Donald attended Providence College in Rhode Island and graduated with an English degree to teach high school English. She later attended Saint Elizabeth University to become certified to teach elementary education. She worked in New York City for seven years as an account executive. Currently, Mrs. Donald is a very well-respected and loved 2nd grade teacher at St. Vincent Martyr School. Speaking with Mrs. Donald emphasized what I already knew – AOSE seasters are sisters for life!