A Glimpse into Madame Web

Rafael Garcin

Recently, my friend and I went to see the newest superhero movie, Madame WebMadame Web tells the journey of a clairvoyant woman named Cassandra Web who is forced to explore her past while protecting a group of 3 young women from an unknown villain.  Now, this movie is notoriously known for its bad reviews by critics. But is the movie truly that bad? Below I am going to give you my opinion.

*** Slight Spoilers below****

Like many recent superhero movies, Madame Web implements comedy into its script. There are a lot of jokes made among characters that make the movie endearing. Along with that, there is a sense of feminism, as most of the cast, and the main heroes are female. This movie is great if you want to view some female heroes in action.  What I particularly enjoy about the movie is that Cassandra Web is the fact that she uses her mind to save others. Cassandra has no powers like super strength or flying, but her brain power saves the lives of the three girls and the world. This is a key message about the power of the human mind, that many young people, especially young girls, can take in,

Of course, there are some downfalls, from the movie that many critics have mentioned. One of the biggest issues is that the plot remains relatively the same throughout the film. The villain chases the young girls, Cassandra Web protects them by looking into the future and preventing bad events from happening, and then the girls run away again. This plot continues throughout the whole tract of the movie, making the whole timeline tiresome. Additionally, Cassandra Web can view the future. There is a lack of distinction between the possible future and the present, which is confusing the audience.

Despite, this plot fall, I enjoyed watching the movie with my friend. Going to the movies, no matter what you see, is a great experience to have with friends and family. The comedy in Madame Web makes it a funny superhero movie to watch. Plus, if you like superheroes like I do, this movie is an exciting watch.

Go and see Madame Web in theaters, and let me know what you think!

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