Teacher Feature: Dr. Reilly


Dr. Reilly is a theater aficionado with a heart and mind for education. Currently, she teaches AP Language and Composition, as well as British Literature Honors and American Literature. She received her bachelor’s at Ramapo College of New Jersey, her master’s at Iona College, and her Ph.D. at North Central. Dr. Reilly’s Ph.D. specializes in education and technology. Throughout her many years of education, the person she looked up to most was her advisor at Ramapo, who was “brilliant and educated, but cared and had time to talk and listen.” She believes she is a better teacher– and listener– because of his impact. 

Before becoming an educator, she worked for Corporate America before transitioning to an academic career after her children were born. She considers her daughter and son to be her greatest achievement. From an early age, Reilly taught her children an important value: “it is one thing to be bright and another to be a good person.”

One of Dr. Reilly’s greatest passions is drama, which she has pursued since she was six years old. Observing The Sound of Music sparked her interest in theater, and starring in her school’s production as a young girl fueled this curiosity. Since this time, drama has affected her life as she continues to grow and work on the stage. This summer she even starred as “The Witch” in Into the Woods. Unsurprisingly, her favorite college course was American Musical Theater. The course allowed her to read plays and listen to musical soundtracks, and the experience has stuck with her since.

Dr. Reilly has already had such a positive impact on the Academy and its community, from her passion for education to the great principles she lives by.