The Freshmen Volleyball Team

Emma Ritchie '25 and Kayle Brody '25

Excitement is in the air at The Academy for the Freshmen Volleyball team, which began practicing informally  in mid-August. They continue to practice for roughly eight hours a week, with an additional one to two games per week.   

The amount of practice has certainly paid off as the team has come together for five wins this season. A highlight of the season, as noted by Team Co-Captain Evelyn West, was winning the Madison Freshman Volleyball Tournament in early October. West was named Captain, along with fellow teammate Mackenzie Siegel. This tournament took place at Madison High School, and the girls came in first place in the Silver Bracket, coming through triumphant by way of perseverance, dedication, and teamwork. West said, “I’ve learned a lot about teamwork. When we started the season, most of us did not know each other…as we’ve worked, practiced, and gotten to know each other, we’ve been working very well as a team; we’re so encouraging, and it shows in our playing.”     

The Panthers had fans on the edge of their seats at their most recent game against Linden. Linden won the first set, but the Panthers came out strong, winning the second set. Tension was high as they entered the third and final set, nevertheless, the Panthers prevailed, winning the final set: 18-25. The Panthers are still going strong and will continue the positive momentum in their final game of the season next week, under the steadfast leadership of Coach Diana Trochimowicz.