Tennis Triumphs


Madelyn Riordan '26

As fall sports are coming to an end, let us reflect on the great seasons all sports had, especially the AOSE tennis team. The JV tennis team had a great season. JV went 6 and 2 winning against: Whippany 5-0, Hanover Park 3-2, Pequannock 3-1, Parsippany 4-1, Whippany 5-0 and Pequannock again 5-0. JV’s two losses included the second match against Hanover Park– a close match with a final score of 2-3– and the final match of the season against Madison, with a score of 1-4. 

The varsity tennis team also had a great season. They won against Boonton 5-0, Whippany Park 4-1, Hanover Park 4-1, Pequannock 5-0, Boonton again 5-0, Whippany Park again with a score of 4-1, Pequannock again with a score of 5-0, and Vernon with a score of 5-0. The tennis teams began practicing for their upcoming seasons in the middle of August. Once the season started, they continued to practice for hours every day after school. With the season’s results, the teams have shown  that their practice and dedication really paid off, contributing to a great season. 

Since the tennis season falls in breast cancer awareness month, the tennis teams had a pinkout match. All of the girls showed up in their normal tennis attire, while also adding pink apparel– such as pink hair bows and pink socks. The coaches even wore bright pink feather boas! This was a great way to show breast cancer awareness, and the team won their match!

The tennis team ended the season celebrating their seniors. The varsity seniors include: Emma Kelly–first singles and captain, Caroline Clarke–first doubles, Emer Vesey–second doubles and captain, and Ally Rossini–second doubles. The seniors on the JV team are Annabella Biondo–second doubles– and Sam Lado–third doubles. The seniors were celebrated at their senior night in the study hall, which was beautifully decorated for the event. It was a great night of celebrating these wonderful players that will be missed out on the courts next year. 

In the end, when looking back on the season, it can be seen that it was a great season statistically, but it was also a great season when it came to new friendships for the freshmen, team bonding experiences, and team-building on the courts, along with the celebration of the graduating teammates.