Courtney McGough ’24


Andrea Piacquadio

Ella Delatush '25

5/5/23– Congratulations to Courtney McGough, the inaugural AOSE Athlete of the Week! Courtney set a new school record in the 100m hurtles of 14.7 seconds. The previous record of 20.4 seconds was set in 2014. Good luck Courtney in the upcoming meets!

The AOSE lacrosse team beat Governor Livingston this week for the first time in school history! The team was led by Scarlet Claps, who scored 4 goals along with 6 draw controls, and Grace Gehm, who added 3 more goals for the Panthers. The team also beat Newark Academy on Friday, holding their opponent to just 1 goal. The Panther defense was led by seniors Lucia Ferriso, Brynn Kearns, and Maggie Callahan, with freshman Madelyn Moore in goal. Scarlet Claps and Ella Delatush scored 3 goals each. Tessa Koza and Katie Callahan also combined for 7 assists.

Panther’s Softball beat American Christian 32-3! Morgane Farrell led the team with 4 hits, while Ava Petrecca scored 5 runs and had 5 RBIs. Mia McNaughton had 5 RBIs for the team as well.

Congratulations to all the Panther athletes! Good luck this week!