Positive Practices

Bekka Mongeau

In a world that revolves around social media, it can be hard to find peace. We are constantly inundated by new information, some of it damaging. When we react to a single piece of negative contact, we begin the domino effect of the internet’s negative messaging. However, we do not live our lives are on the internet, so there are many steps we can take to prevent negative spirals and keep our positivity up!


1. Journal!

Vent about the bad things that happen in your life and jot down some of the positive things that are going on around you. Keep the good and the bad things separate if that helps you. That way, you can look back on all the good things in your life when you need a boost and you can keep the bad stuff to the side. Looking back on all the positive things in your life is a great motivator and mood-booster.


2. Take a break!

Have you ever found that taking breaks in between your homework helps you to be more productive? Sometimes you need to take a minute to get away from your screen or your paper. Grab a snack, go for a run, or take a shower! All of these things provide a break from the monotony and stress that come with schoolwork. 


3. Get more sleep!

This message probably shows up in a lot of advice columns, but that is just because it is true! Sleep is scientifically proven to enhance your health, focus, and mood. As a society, we do not value sleep nearly as much as we should, considering the effect it has on us. Making a concerted effort to put down your phone throughout the day and (especially) right before bed could mean the difference in a couple extra hours of sleep. I promise, it is worth it.


4. Do things that make you happy!

Sometimes, we need to work on ourselves before we can deal with other parts of our lives. Doing too much too fast leads to burnout, which only sets us back further. Focusing on our goals sometimes means a little bit of backtracking. Cancel that extra babysitting job to hang out with your family or friends, get more sleep, or get some extra schoolwork done. Make time to paint, write, read, dance, craft, watch a movie, listen to music, etc. 


5. Focus on yourself!

It is not selfish to take some space and time for ourselves. Oftentimes, this allows us to be fully present for ourselves and for others. Take the pressure off of  “perfect,” because “perfect” does not exist. We are all allowed to focus on ourselves. Take a nap, do some skincare, scroll through TikTok, get your nails done, go work out; do whatever will help you relax and recharge.


All of these messages allow you to keep a more positive mindset. Even if they are not directly related to positivity, they all contribute in a way. Whether that means improving your mood, your perception, or your habits, these five steps will allow you to bring positivity into different aspects of your life.



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