Nature Photography Contest Winner 2024

UmaSofia Srivastava ’25
“Winter’s Last Miracle”

After much deliberation, the judges have decided on the winner of the Pollinators Committee’s 2024 Nature Photography Contest: UmaSofia Srivastava ’25! According to the three teachers on the panel, “Winter’s Last Miracle” is not only beautifully composed, but also perfectly fits this year’s theme of “farewell, winter.”

However, the choice was not simple. One judge writes “This was tough….there are many beautiful photographs.” Like last year, the contest received submissions from members of all four grades. There were 15 submissions total, all of which captured a different facet of the natural world. The submissions were viewed completely anonymously, so the judges did not know whom they selected until the decision was finalized. Yet, UmaSofia’s submission stood out among the rest for the depth of color and purposeful framing.

Reflecting on the photograph— which was taken at Hopi Point on the Grand Canyon Trail in Tusayan, Arizona— she writes:

“Seeing snow in the Grand Canyon is good luck in the Native American cultures. The previous two days we hiked a total of 26 miles, and from the sunny, crisp weather, you would never know that snow was on the horizon. However, the canyon is known for unpredictable weather and yet, life coexists; the pastels of the budding dawn, softening the harshness of the arid climate, the defiant desert pines capped with snow. A true miracle. At the time, I needed to be reminded of the miracle that is life and coexisting on such a beautiful planet, and that’s what this photo did for me.”

Profound words for a powerful piece.

Although this year’s competition has come to a close, the judges and the board of the Pollinators Committee would like to encourage prospective applicants to participate next year! Anything that leaves an impression on viewers can possess artistic merit, no matter how small the subject!

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