New Season, New Brew!

Rebekah Marsh '24

Different seasons mean different flavors. For fall it’s pumpkin spice, winter it’s peppermint, and for summer it’s more tropical fruity flavors. When you think about the flavors of spring, what do you think about? Spring is all about the blooming flowers, rainy days, and the weather turning from cold to warm. Here are some suggestions to quench your thirst:

As the days get warmer, consider iced drinks with floral tones and fruity flavors.  Maybe try a lavender latte or iced mandarin orange coffee.  Or think chocolate, citrus, and hazelnut. If you don’t like floral or fruity, you can get a Vietnamese iced coffee. This can be made with sweetened condensed milk– or regular milk, sugar, and ice.  Simple right!  Maybe you’d prefer a sea salt cream iced coffee. This contains iced coffee or cold brew, whipped cream, sea salt, and some sugar for balance.

So the next time you’re wondering, “What coffee should I get?” think florals, fruity, and refreshing!