Taylor Ticket Tizzy

Isabella Clark '25

Taylor Swift Tickets. 

What comes to your mind when you hear these three words? For me, I think about the Ticket Master fiasco and all of the people who took hours out of their busy schedules to wait in the queue.

Some of Swift’s dedicated fans were lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket or two, whereas others watched as the website crashed, and saw their dreams of seeing The Eras Tour become unattainable. Even those who did find themselves with the opportunity to purchase tickets, may not have been able to pay the pretty penny that the tickets costed. The cheapest tickets were said to have been $12,000, however, prices for prime seats went up to $22,000.  But, have no fear, the Saint E’s gala is here. Academy students were made privy to the thrilling news that at the 2023 Gala there will be an exclusive prize up for auction: front-row Taylor Swift tickets. These primarily sold-out tickets are being offered up for bidding at a fraction of the cost of what those tickets would go for on sites like Ticketmaster. So, to the true Taylor Swift fans, seize this opportunity and make sure to bid on the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch her perform on The Eras Tour.