Tick Tock for TikTok

Aubrey Conlon '26

We’ve all heard the news regarding TikTok– our government wants to ban the app completely. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve noticed how TikTok is banned on all government-appointed devices. Then, too, you may have noticed that TikTok’s CEO was questioned at a congressional hearing about the app’s safety and security. Other issues have been raised in the past, specifically regarding minors’ use of the app and privacy concerns. As time passes, it is increasingly more likely that TikTok will be outlawed in the United States. At the very least, stricter policies and regulations will be put into place. States are already looking to ban it entirely, and this past Friday, Montana officially banned all use of the app. Any person who is found to use the app will be fined heftily– $10,000 per day.

With such concerns raised over TikTok, people and lawmakers are looking into the safety and security of other social media. We never question the security of the apps we use, and often ignore the terms of service or other things that seem tedious or insignificant, but maybe it’s time to start looking more closely. After all, it is important to keep ourselves safe on the internet, and maybe this TikTok outlaw will be beneficial for people everywhere. We still don’t have the full story, so we’ll see what happens next, but the future sure doesn’t look bright for TikTok!