Adoption Awareness Month

Chengli Payton

In November, we celebrate Adoption Month! Amidst Thanksgiving, crisp weather, and beautiful fall foliage, a celebration takes place amongst the adoptee community. November 9th is World Adoption Day. In this article, I’d like to touch on the adoption experience and how to support adoptees.

Firstly, you may not be familiar with what I like to call the adoption culture. Adoption, whether domestic or international, has changed millions of lives. As adoption rates continue to decline, raising awareness for the adoptee experience is paramount. Beyond the racial differences that some adoptees may face, emotional differences present a unique challenge to all adoptees.

For those who are adopted, culture and family are valuable and unique. People from all walks of life are touched by adoption, and National Adoption Month and World Adoption Day seek to further awareness for such people. As we know, in this modern age, social media allows people to make connections with others at rapid rates. For example, during the Barbie-filled summer, the nostalgic yet divisive “Going Home” Barbie and Adopted Child circulated online. This is just a small example in a sea of other experiences that adoptees can recount. Adoption is a complex situation that transpires differently for everyone.

This lesson goes beyond the adoptee community; the inherent value and dignity of human life is a big concern for adoptees. However, as the rate of adoption continues to trend downward, there are still those in the foster system who are waiting for families or those who are in families but struggle financially to support themselves. Adoption organizations, such as Holt International, aim to support those looking to adopt, adoptees who need support, and families in poverty. Every child and every family deserves a safe and happy life where they have nourishment, shelter, and mental health support. The White House itself published a proclamation at the end of October heralding November’s National Adoption Month that had been initiated in former President Ronald Reagan’s administration.

As we move into the holiday season and gather with our families, give extra thanks to the beauty of family and togetherness— all values that National Adoption Month and World Adoption Day instill.

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