Fluid Fads
Emily Duncan
Stanley tumblers are the latest trend in hydration.

We are all aware that change is commonplace. Trends change and simple things like water bottles are no exception.

Do you remember when you got your first S’well water bottle? Maybe it was 2017 or 2018. You might have been a year or two late for the trend, but S’wells were still booming. Everyone had them in all sorts of colors and all sorts of designs. S’wells were the latest in water bottle fashion… until the infamous year of 2020 hit.

2020 introduced many previously unknown terminology. Face masks became less about skincare and more about community safety. Hand sanitizer became less about a pretty keychain on your backpack and more about a health staple. “Quarantine” and “pandemic” became everyday terms.

During this time, many kids turned to their devices, the internet, and social media. TikTok reached a new level of fame, and with it, came the “VSCO girls.” VSCO girls wore puka shell necklaces and scrunchies, spoke of  “saving the turtles,” and even came up with their own language and accents. They would never be seen without their Fjällräven Kånken backpacks, long t-shirts, Burt’s Bees lip balms, and, of course, their sticker-covered Hydro Flasks. Hydro Flask water bottles replaced the S’wells, as young girls found the water bottles useful for holding their water, stickers, and friendship bracelets. Hydro Flasks were considered very fashionable with a range of colors to choose from, in addition to their accessories of stickers and friendship bracelets.

While the era of Hydro Flasks may have felt like it would never end–much like its paralleled pandemic–these fashionable water bottles were eventually replaced. Stanley cups seem to be the fashion now. One plus to the Stanley cups is that they fit in cup holders. For the young girls that grew up with S’wells and Hydro Flasks, they have found themselves turning to the flexibility and advantages that Stanleys offer. These teenage girls are finding themselves in the driver’s seat, and while a Hydro Flask does not fit in the car’s cup holders, the Stanleys certainly do! Additionally, the Stanley cups come in a variety of fun colors, have appealing straws, and have convenient handles.

The new trends in water bottles seem to appear unexpectedly, but one thing is for sure: when a new type of water bottle becomes popular, everyone flocks to the newest brand.

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