Behind the Choir’s Curtains


(Pictured from left to right) First row: Emma Marsh ’23, Keiri Shuyama ’24, Rosalie Yaney ’26, Emily Muir ’26, Mia D’Angelo ’24, Isabella Cerciello ’24, Emma Bradley ’24. Second Row: Aubrey Conlon ’26, Ella Mansfield ’23, Audrey Rohlf ’26, Ava Breault ’24 display their gift of song in the Holy Family Chapel.

Isabella Cerciello '24

From the outside, Choir appears to be a group of students that sing at Mass, but Choir is a club that entails much more! While the club members bless the church with their voices, they also bring the joy of music to many of the annual Academy events, such as the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Mother-Daughter Tea.

Choir Club is one of the larger clubs at the Academy, with twenty dedicated singers. These girls sometimes meet biweekly in the weeks leading up to important events or masses, like Ash Wednesday. Moderated, conducted, and taught by Ms. Roper, the girls in the choir learn about harmonizing, reading sheet music, and growing in talent and confidence in a supportive environment. Ms. Roper prepares music packets for all the events the choir attends and supports the group throughout each Mass and each special occasion.

From the start of the school year to the baccalaureate mass, the choir works behind the seasons to make these singing events as angelic as possible. While the rest of the student body solely hears the result, each person should keep in mind the hard work and continual effort that happens behind the curtains.