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Emily O’Donohue ’25

AOSE Press hosted a potluck party in recognition of the dedicated staffers. Members contributed snacks and treats to enjoy with one another during the party. Select members who went above and beyond in their responsibilities received awards.

The first award went to Ella Delatush ‘25 for her dedication to the Sports column. As the Sports Editor, Ella has kept the column fresh with updates and insights into the Academy’s sports programs throughout the year. She always has great ideas to contribute to the newspaper club during meetings for suggestions and improvements regarding the paper.

Emma Brading ‘25 was the next to receive an award. Emma, a writer and a secretary, has consistently been on top of her work. She gets her articles in and polished to near-perfection week after week and diligently completes the tasks that come with being the secretary of the club.

Morgan Lomax ‘24 is the star of the Photography department. Morgan keeps everyone on the paper out of legal troubles with external photographs, sharing good public domain websites, and double- and triple-checking all graphics on the site. Additionally, Morgan supplies the paper with articles on everything from theater and music to photography and the Academy. Her reliability and efforts regarding the paper should not go without recognition.

Another award was given to Chengli Payton ‘25 for her work on the paper and behind-the-scenes. On the paper, Chengli loves to write articles on music, especially, but also a range of other events. Everything that Chengli contributes to the paper is done with an air of care and compassion. Her passion for the subjects she writes about is clearly shown through her tone and words, adding an extra dimension to the paper. Behind the scenes, Chengli gives great insight into the inner workings of the paper, always motivating her fellow staffers.

One of our most dedicated staffers, Bridget Lomax ‘24 was the final winner of the party. Bridget is always motivating her fellow staffers to write their articles, supplying them with a vast amount of ideas to expand upon. In turn, Bridget always has her articles ready and on time– sometimes weeks before the deadline. During one meeting, Mrs. Brady, the club moderator, gave the newspaper staff a fun ultimatum. She said that whoever contributed the most articles would win a prize. Bridget did not disappoint, contributing a total of 13 articles for the semester. In addition to her paper award, Bridget also received a goody bag with a Starbucks gift card and some candy to recognize the importance and honor of this award of hard work. Way to go, Bridget!

Although these five members were selected to win prizes, that does not mean the rest of the club should go unnoticed. All members were given goody bags in recognition of their support of and commitment to AOSE Press.

We can’t wait to see what kind of changes (and articles!) 2024 will bring!

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