Pals for Pets


Pals for Pets Supply Drive for Mount Pleasant Shelter

Kathleen Ott de Vries '23

Pals for Pets is a new club at the Academy this year. Though they are new, they are already flourishing with 34 members. Their mission is to build a community that is both aware of and compassionate towards the lives of shelter pets. The members of Pals for Pets aim to improve shelter conditions and advocate for animal welfare. The club was founded by Isabella Bergamini and Grace Potter who decided to form the club after volunteering at Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter for the past couple of months. They both wanted to help these animals after learning just how many were placed in shelters. You might have seen or heard about their supply drive to collect supplies for shelters this past month. Students can expect more upcoming Pals for Pets events this year like DIY dog toys and friendship bracelets. Recently, for National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, Pals for Pets made appreciation cards for shelter staff with candy goodie bags. Some people from Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter might even come to the Academy to talk about the kind of work shelters do, and why people should adopt their pets instead of buying. Pals for Pets is not only about raising funds for these shelters, but also spreading awareness for the Adopt Don’t Shop movement.

Pals for Pets writing cards for shelter volunteers. (Grace Potter )