Three Students, One Act


Ava Breault '24

From left to right: Keiri Shuyama, Ava Breault, and Bridget Lomax.

Bridget Lomax '24

Academy students have had a short history of partnering with Delbarton’s arts, starting in the winter of 2022 with Something Rotten!. Since then, five girls have participated in their other productions: All is Still in AlgiersLoves Labour’s LostThe Drowsy Chaperone, seasonal coffeehouses, and annual cabarets. Three students returned for this year’s one-acts: The Age of Activism, The Wanted, and 8:15. One-acts are short-form plays, usually under “one act” each. They are student written, cast, directed, and performed each year.

This season saw Ava Breault ’24 playing an extra in The Age of Activism and court-wise-gal Plumlee in The Wanted. Meanwhile, Bridget Lomax ’24 and Keiri Shuyama ’24 were entitled sisters, Myrna and Mae, in 8:15. Performances were held at 7:00 PM on Delbarton’s Fine Arts Center stage on the 21st and 22nd of April.

Each play had a distinct theme— The Age of Activism, for example, was a student’s take on what inspired early socialist leaders in ancient Roman society. The Wanted told of poets’ plights after a callow king bans their work. In response, his queen and the king’s unfaithful advisors stage a coup to seize the throne. 8:15 followed three civilians taking shelter from an impending nuclear blast. However, a fourth and “strange vagrant”— the devil in disguise— informed them that they never made it to the bunker; all three were in hell.

If you missed the one-acts but still want to see more Academy students in the arts, Ava Breault, Bridget Lomax, Morgan Lomax, and Madelyn Riordan ’26 are performing in Delbarton’s “miscast” cabaret on Tuesday, May 23rd. This is the last chance before summer, so be sure to be there, or you’ll have to wait until the fall of 2023 for the next production!