“Dumb Money” on Campus

Aubrey Conlon '26

“Dumb Money”: The name sweeping over St. E’s, especially considering filming is occurring here at our campus’s university (St. Elizabeth University). The all-star cast of this up-and-coming movie includes Pete Davidson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Ramos, Seth Rogen, and more! The plot of this biographical film is about GameStop, specifically the GameStop short squeeze. Maybe you don’t know what a “short squeeze” is, or what this event entails in the first place. Simply put, a short squeeze is a very rapid increase in stock price, occurring when there is a large demand for a product or service and not enough supply of said product. The perspective of the movie is from two investors that run a Reddit page called “Wall Street Bets.” They get together to put the squeeze on hedge funds that had bet that GameStop shares would fall. The basis of the movie is quite complex, but it is certainly an entertaining and intriguing concept. Of course, we are all excited to see our university’s campus become a movie set, and while none of us saw Pete Davidson or any of the talented celebrities, “Dumb Money” is certainly the talk of the school.