Throwing Caps


Annalisa Bio and Avery Amato giving a sneak peak of what’s next.

Making a big change can be very exciting, but also very nerve-racking. Typically, children grow up depending on their parents, so when they get to college it is the first time they are completely on their own. It is the last step before adulthood.

When asked how she felt in regards to the upcoming transition to college, Annalisa Bio replied, “I’m excited to be more independent and to meet new people and to be in a new environment where I can learn how to grow as a person.” Annalisa has gone to school with the same people and grew up with all the same kids, so going to college will be a big step for her.  Annalisa will attend Muhlenberg College in the fall, and she is committed to play lacrosse there. She is excited to have the opportunity to play sports at a higher level, but these opportunities come with nerves, especially with the workload her college career may bring.

Avery Amato, who will be studying nursing at Fairfield University, said, “When it comes to going to college next year, I am very excited to start my future and challenge myself in my major.” Avery has been dreaming of becoming a nurse for a long time and now that she has the opportunity to study to become one, she is beyond excited. 

Similarly to Annalisa, Avery is excited for the challenge college presents, but she is nervous about her capabilities. Avery has played on the lacrosse and field hockey team all four years of high school, and was elected captain of both teams this year. Through these sports teams, Avery has made many friendships with underclassmen, only contributing to her sadness in leaving. “Because of lacrosse, I made many friends with the juniors and I am extremely sad to be leaving them,” Avery mentioned. 

Not only is she sad to be leaving all her friends, she is not ready to leave her family. Avery shared, “I have a very close relationship with my family, and I am not ready to leave them and have all these responsibilities on me.” Avery talked about her relationship with her brother, saying, “I am close with my brother Jack, and it is going to be very weird to not be with him all day.” Making a big change like this is challenging but Avery is determined to have a positive outcome and do what she loves: nursing. 

Kristen Wong, majoring in finance at Elon University, said, “I am excited that I get to study what I want and to take classes that I wasn’t able to in high school.”   With all of the excitement around going to college, there are still some drawbacks. 

A major issue Kristen faces is that college will be the first time she does not have her mom by her side.  Kristen shared, “My mom has basically helped me with everything, which is so nice.”  Growing up, most depend on their mother to guide them, but with the prospects of college, many seniors realize that they will have to do things on their own.  Kristen also mentioned, “[My sister] Katie is my best friend and it is going to be weird without her by my side through my next chapter.”

The general consensus is that the transition to college is bittersweet, with obvious pros and more subtle cons. Growing up, it seems as though everyone is excited for the same reasons: independence and experiencing new opportunities, but as one matures, so does her perspective on the future.  She realizes that embracing new opportunities will mean saying goodbye to aspects of life previously enjoyed– and perhaps a little taken for granted.