COVID-19 in the Rearview


Aubrey Conlon '26

COVID-19– is something we’re all used to hearing about, whether it be on the News, or a classmate getting sick. We’re used to wearing masks and having to socially distance ourselves from each other. However, in recent months, we’ve seen a decline in COVID cases (which is, of course, a very positive thing) and a decreasing need for necessities such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and masks. While the virus is not spreading around as much amongst others, it is still important to be safe– meaning no sharing drinks or food, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and always wash your hands. Keeping others safe is just as important as keeping yourself safe, so remember to follow the guidelines and CDC recommendations in order to avoid sickness!

Another aspect of our “coming out of COVID” is the fact that there are so many new opportunities this year: fundraisers, school events, and the annual trip every spring (this year’s being to Costa Rica)! So many different things are now available to the entire school, which is very exciting. Even the aspect of having no more online classes is something that some of us are probably relieved about. We hope that in the coming years that something like this won’t happen again, and that we can have a safe environment not only for ourselves but for students everywhere.

We hope that everything will continue to be smooth sailing from here and everyone is safe and healthy. COVID-19 took a lot of our lives (quite literally, we spent two years locked indoors), but we continue to move forward and try to enter back into normalcy. Of course, wearing masks and social distancing is always a great option, but we also want to integrate old things back into our lives that were not previously available! Remember to stay safe and to keep healthy!