Classes Honor Women


Divine Sophia Painting by Aubrey Conlon ’26

Emma Brading '25

The Academy of Saint Elizabeth has committed itself to empowering women in every aspect. Whether it is the science department celebrating women’s discoveries, or the history department focusing on women’s achievements, the Academy has established a special focus on the women who have come before us. However, one department which has done an especially great job of highlighting women’s importance is the religion department. There have been various theology assignments and projects which have celebrated women this month, but these are a few highlights! 

First, Dr. Borin and her classes have created and are in the process of creating amazing, empowering projects to remind students of their worth and the worth of the women around them. In her Social Justice class, Dr. Borin prepared her students for the month by sparking a conversation about various incredible women. The women studied made impacts in various fields (science, the arts, etc.), and also came from various ethnic backgrounds. This research was done in order to have the important conversation regarding both the celebrated and forgotten accomplishments of women in multiple areas. The discussion adequately prepared the students to then look into their own lives and think of women they know who have impacted them, as well. In this same Social Justice class, there is a major project meant to celebrate this incredible month and the women which it honors. The class is creating personal vision boards which uplift and honor the women in each student’s life which has impacted them. These women vary from relatives to celebrities, and they are honored through these boards as the students symbolically thank them for their inspiration and influence. 

In Dr. Borin’s New Testament Honors class, there were again various main assignments specific to Women’s History Month. First, her students made amazing “Spiritual Legacy Scrapbooks,” which were meant to exhibit men and women who impacted the students’ individual spirituality. The scrapbooks were filled with various decorations, photos, and words special to each individual student. These scrapbooks acted as special pieces to capture what has built up each student’s current spirituality.

Another project which this class completed related to one of the most important women in the bible: Mary. The students researched various interpretations and ideas of who Mary was along with what she means now. Using this information, the students created their own beautiful interpretations of Mary as a woman and critical biblical figure. Finally, this class has one more upcoming main assignment to celebrate the women of the Bible. The students will be reading into the unfortunately often forgotten, but nevertheless amazing women of the Bible. These women include Lydia, Prisca, Phoebe, and various others. This project encourages the reading of the stories of the women of the Bible, and honoring them as we do other figures of the early Church. 

Finally, in Dr. Borin’s Judaism, Christianity, and Islam class, students conducted research for a “Women in Culture” project, learning about various art and writings created by women. Then, the students honored an important woman of the Hebrew Bible: Miriam, who led the Jewish people through the Red Sea using her tambourine and dance. So, the students in this class created tambourines of their own, honoring Miriam and her most admirable traits of courage and joy. Dr. Borin guided all of her students in both the arts and research to properly celebrate and honor the women throughout history, helping all students of the Academy take pride in their roots as women. 

In Mrs. Antico’s classes, her students similarly worked to honor various women by finding inspiration in their stories, acts, and art. In her Scripture class, the students especially focused on the “Divine Sophia” or the “Divine Feminine.” They created art and read into her story as a part of the Holy Trinity. The students discovered the critical role of femininity in the Trinity through the Divine Sophia, and learned to honor and celebrate her importance. 

In Mrs. Antico’s Social Justice class, the students focused on honoring the women who came before them in the Bible. This class especially focused on honoring these women through artwork which can be viewed throughout the school. The students found a special connection to the women who came before them, and honored them through their artwork. 

Finally, in both of her classes, Mrs. Antico brought special attention to the amazing woman, poet, and activist, Dr. Maya Angelou. Both classes analyzed and enjoyed Angelou’s poetry, learning to both appreciate her work and apply her messages to their own lives. The Scripture class focused on the poem, “Phenomenal Woman,” while the Social Justice class read, “Still I Rise.” Both poems provide special insight from Angelou on confidence and power, helping the students to find true meaning in this special month. 

All religion classes at the Academy have made efforts to especially focus on women and their impact this month, and this can be seen in various ways throughout the school. Whether the students were creating artwork, writing, or researching, the classes all held a special reverence towards women of all backgrounds and talents, who made religious, scientific, or artistic impacts. The Academy always finds ways to especially uplift and honor women, and this is done no better than in our Religion classes.