Bags to Benches

Magda Ehlers

How much do you really care about the Earth?

The world’s plastic consumption per year is outrageous, with upwards of 5 trillion bags being used per year– half of all plastic production made for only single-use purposes. Asking people to cease their plastic consumption immediately would not be a reasonable request. Plastic has become ingrained in our culture, whether it takes the form of water bottles, toys, or beauty and hygiene products. Inevitably, these items depreciate instantly and are discarded to pollute the Earth. Given how considerably wasteful and detrimental plastic is to our environment, humanity has found creative ways to recycle these products. One such program– “Bags to Benches”– collects plastic bags and recycles them, creating benches. 

The Academy has proudly partnered with this organization since 2020. Contributing your household plastic bags to this cause is a simple and easy way to improve your environment. Bringing these plastic bags into school not only supplies the program but also ensures that your plastic is properly taken care of. We are not being asked to completely forgo the use of plastic, but only to keep an eye out on the amount of plastic bags throughout households. These bags are then brought into school and placed in the collection bins in the back of the study hall and in the underclassmen’s locker room hallway. So, begin compiling your plastic bags so you can bring them in before the program ends on April 15, 2024. This is the least you can do to improve your community!

“Bags to benches” – plastic collection

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