Breast Cancer Awareness at the Academy

Anna Shvets

October is often an exciting time of the year for many, as it brings pumpkin spice and the start of the holiday season. However, the month also acts as a time of awareness for one of the most devastating illnesses a person can experience. October stands as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we must do as much as we can throughout October to ensure we all remember the month’s meaning. At the Academy especially, various clubs, staff, and students are doing all they can to make this happen.

Unfortunately, breast cancer is an illness that most people can relate to. For the most part, they either know someone who has had the cancer or they have had it themselves. In any case, this is a tragic circumstance, as the disease is not only traumatic to the body but also to the psyche. It is due to this heartbreaking truth that we must all remember what this month is truly all about. So, via various events and fundraisers, the Academy repeatedly comes together throughout October to ensure the general consciousness regarding this disease. For example, the National Honors Society especially puts in extra work during this month to give this issue its proper attention. They show this through fundraising, dress-down days, and— most notably— the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. Additionally, during one of the school-wide homerooms this year, Mrs. DeFreitas shared her heartbreaking experience with breast cancer. She described her experience in full, even donating a large sum of pink scrunchies for the school to wear during October.

Overall, at the Academy, we take remembering what this month is about very seriously, and rightfully so. Breast cancer is something that has hurt and traumatized millions, and those experiences cannot be forgotten. So, during this month, it is vital to spread awareness and keep those who suffer or have suffered because of this disease in your thoughts and prayers.

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