College Tour Series: Seton Hall University

My Impressions of Seton Hall University!
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As the 2023-2024 school year is in full swing, the upperclassmen at AOSE have been doing more than just the regular homework, sports, and after-school activities. In addition to the many college rep visits offered at AOSE, upperclassmen have been touring colleges of their choice. To kickstart this college tour series, here are some impressions of Seton Hall University.

But before we begin, this article is NOT affiliated with the school(s) mentioned, nor is it promotional. It is simply my impressions that I hope to share with you, dear reader!

Seton Hall University is a private college in South Orange, New Jersey. Named after Elizabeth Ann Seton (sound familiar, SEAsters?) by former Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley, it’s the oldest diocesan University in the U.S. The University has close to one hundred majors. As I drove into the front entrance of the University, I was impressed by the welcoming and simple layout of the campus. Amongst the bustling town, the University takes up about 58 acres.

The campus was clean, modern, and quite inviting. I visited on a Friday, so it was relatively quiet as many people had gone home for the weekend. Nonetheless, the inviting campus nature was noticeable, even down to the funny little superstition the tour guides jokingly pointed out: Do not step on the school’s seal in the middle of the quad, or you might not graduate!

Amidst the modern buildings stands a chapel where Seton Hall alumnae can get married. The chapel was the most noteworthy piece of my visit. I’m not sure if it rivals our lovely Holy Family Chapel, but it is certainly beautiful!

For many students, being in a small environment is important. Seton Hall’s undergrad enrollment sits at around 6,000. Given the school’s small-medium size, as well as its convenient location, many AOSE girls have attended Seton Hall University (and quite many in recent years, I have noticed!) The University is right in AOSE’s backyard— only 13 miles apart— making the University appealing for students who want to be close to home.

A current freshman at Seton Hall University, Isabella Bergamini (AOSE ’23), tells of her time at the school so far:
“In general I’ve been enjoying my newfound independence at Seton Hall and have been getting involved with their many events on campus. One event in particular that we had recently was the Dare to Care Fair which included pet therapy, mental health resources, games, and a petting zoo!”

There you have it! Our SEAsters are doing amazing things! Til next time and next college, dear reader!

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