‘Bad Cinderella’ – The Colorful And Chaotic Hit Broadway Musical


Bad Cinderella, the new hit musical created by Andrew Lloyd Webber and inspired by the novel written by Emerald Fennell, can be described as a whimsical fairy-tale rewrite. The story starts in Belleville, a beautiful kingdom where the fields are idyllic, the prince is the epitome of perfection, and all its residents are flawless. But, there is only one thing getting in the way of this kingdom being named the most beautiful town for the 50th year in a row: the outcasted, rebellious girl who goes against the superficial environment of Belleville Kingdom. Who may this girl be? You guessed it – the infamous Cinderella. To make matters even worse, Cinderella vandalizes the statue tribute to the fallen prince, making her, once again, wildly hated. As the story picks up, the Queen decides to hold a ball to find her only heir left alive, her son Sebastian, to find his princess and true love. Of course, Cinderella intends on crashing said ball. But first, Cinderella seeks help from her Godmother, a plastic surgeon.

Ultimately, Bad Cinderella viewers will follow the leading lady on her big, colorful, and chaotic journey as she learns that being herself is the most important thing. Cinderella will make her own destiny and live happily ever after, even if it does not include winning over be-loved Sebastian’s heart.