Prom like a Pro


Various dresses hanging on coat hangers

With prom fastly approaching, here are some tips, taken from Seventeen on the Do’s and Dont’s of prom:

Do practice your prom hair and makeup before prom night. You want to have as little stress and look as beautiful as possible, so make sure to practice so you know exactly how to nail your prom look.

Don’t try anything new the day before prom. Don’t get a fake tan or completely change your hair color or style the day before prom. Mistakes can happen, and you don’t want any excess stress or complications on prom night. If you wish to try something new, doing a trial run at least three days before prom is a good alternative so that if anything is unexpected, there is enough time to take it in stride.

Do make sure to wear comfortable shoes or bring socks. Being in painful heels all night is not going to make for a fun night filled with dancing. Once Instagram pictures are secured, take off those heels and go dance in your socks, your feet will thank you later. You want to be comfortable at prom and this is the best way to make sure you can dance the night away.

Don’t worry too much. Prom is supposed to be a fun night to look forward to, with lasting memories to hold onto afterward. Make the best of what happens instead of worrying about what may or may not work out. You want to remember this night as one of the best from high school. The best way to avoid anxiety is to plan ahead; make sure you have your dress, accessories, and plans prepared in advance. This way you will not have any reason to worry!