Stationery Recycling Drive

Melanie Montanez '24

Do you have old school supplies you do not use but do not know what to do with them? If so, you might want to participate in the Academy of Saint Elizabeth Stationery Drive.

The Academy of Saint Elizabeth, partnered with the BIC Stationery Recycling Program, will collect empty mechanical pencils, pens, glue sticks, and more school supplies to recycle them. These used school supplies can be placed in the cardboard boxes labeled “Stationery Drive” and can be found in each classroom at AOSE. This initiative was started at AOSE all thanks to Morgan Lomax ‘24. Morgan, who “wanted to initiate a stationery drive here since [her] freshman year,” worked tirelessly to make the project possible. The junior spent an extensive amount of time hand-decorating the cardboard boxes featured around the classrooms at AOSE.

Consider donating to the Stationery Drive to help better your community and environment!