Outfit Ideas: Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Emma Brading

As many of you are most likely aware, at the Academy’s upcoming fashion show for the seniors, there is an especially exciting raffle prize this year: tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour! You have also most likely seen the trend of dressing like one of her eras to the concert. So, with these exciting tickets on all of our minds, here are a few ideas on what to wear for the possible winner! 



Although not the title of her album, Taylor’s debut with her first album, Taylor Swift, introduced a few style staples–ones which you may want to consider for your concert outfit! First, Taylor was still very much in the realm of being a country-pop singer at this time, so anything you are thinking in that aspect most likely goes with this era. If you want to appear distinctly inspired by her debut, I would wear a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and a cute dress. If you search up any photos from Taylor’s first concerts, she is most likely wearing that iconic combination. 



Fearless brought forward a similar feel as her previous album, but a few changes can be made to make your Fearless look distinct. First, I would recommend adding a little bit more sparkle to your outfit for this era. If you are trying to replicate Taylor’s concert looks for this era, glitter is the way to go. However, a few iconic music videos came from this era, too–ones you may want to go with if you want people to know you are representing Fearless. Despite the iconic, “Love Story,” music video, if there is one which presents the most recognizable outfit, it would have to be the video for, “You Belong With Me”. In this video, Taylor has the iconic Junior Jewels t-shirt on with plaid pajama bottoms and glasses, providing a cute and fun outfit to represent the album! 


Speak Now

Yet again, in this era, Taylor can still be seen modeling certain country staples. She is still wearing her iconic cowboy boots, and her dress is  again beautiful and sparkly. I think one of the best ways to represent this era would be just to stick with Taylor’s iconic concert looks of the time, but incorporate the color palette from the album. This means purple boots, purple dress, and purple anything else you can think of to represent the era! 



This era sees a very different, but equally gorgeous Taylor! And, in turn, the outfits will be much different, but equally as amazing. For Red, similarly to the last era, I would stick to the iconic color: red. However, Taylor also includes other colors such as black and white into this album’s color palette. So, I think a red lip with white and black clothing would fit perfectly for this era. However, if you are more inclined to represent Taylor’s Version, I think softer reds, tans, and oranges would fit just as well! 



1989, again, changes the aesthetic quite a bit. However, some beautiful looks could be derived from this album. During this era, Taylor was leaning a lot more towards colors such as pink, purple, blue, and black. So, if you are wanting to represent her tour from this era, then bold versions of the aforementioned colors would be the best way to go. However, if you want to represent her music videos more, then I think softer blues and pinks would look great! Especially for the music videos for the songs, “Style,” and, “Wildest Dreams,” I would go for a more flowy, dreamy look. This could include a flowy dress, soft prints, and other things of that nature. 



Being one of her bolder and more iconic eras, this one will be especially fun to represent. Obviously, the best way to go about representing this album would be to stick to her main colors of the time: black and white. Leaning into the dark and powerful feel of this era will really help make it distinctly Reputation. This means all black outfits, snake themed jewelry, and, of course, sparkles. During this era, it is important to mention that Taylor stuck more closely to a darker color palette in her makeup, too. So, instead of her iconic bright red lip, maybe go with a darker red or even dark purple. 



This era is very different from all of the others (especially the last one), and is just as cute and fun! Even just from the album cover, this era calls for pastels and, of course, lots of sparkles. Especially in this era, I think really leaning into how fun it is will help you the most. Don’t worry too much about how the colors look together or if there are too many sparkles. Taylor made it look great, and if you are trying to represent this era, then you should, too! While the colors of this era are iconic, I think simple pieces colored in the pastels would look great. This could mean light pants, tops, sweaters–anything you can think of! 



This era calls for soft colors, fabrics, and makeup. Light, flowy dresses paired with flower crowns are a very cute way to represent this era, in my opinion. When you listen to one of the songs on this album, you feel immediately transported to the beautiful forest on the album’s cover. So, I think the aforementioned pieces in lighter blues, grays, and tans will help you represent this era best! 



For this era, I think it all starts with the hair, as that is the focus of the album cover itself. Braids in a variety of different styles will definitely let everyone know you are representing this era. For the color palette, I would stick with white/creams, burnt oranges, and reds. I think flannels, light dresses, and sweaters will also act as staples for this era’s wardrobe. I think with both this album and Folklore, simplicity goes a long way in getting across the album you mean to represent. 



Finally, last but not least, ideas for Taylor’s most recent album. You could honestly do one million different things to represent this album, as the songs and music videos provide so much to work with. For the album as a whole, lighter blues and purples will best show off the album! However, there are some fun ways that you could dress in order to represent a specific song, too. This could include especially sparkly, monochromatic lavender, or red-yellow retro outfits. Whatever you think of when you listen to these songs is probably the best way to go when it comes to representing them!