Book Review: Party School by Jon Hart


Isabella Cerciello '24

“EVERYONE LIES” is what protagonist Dylan Mills comes to terms with after leaving his cushy hometown for a college he is less than thrilled to attend (Hart 107).
Dylan grew up in a small town, Castleton, full of gossip and good reputations to uphold. He wants to leave it all behind, except his girlfriend Rosemary, as he goes off to college. Rosemary leaves for an “it school,” one that any Castleton resident dreams of attending, and Dylan ends up at what he deems as quite the opposite– a party school. At this party school, Dylan struggles with his long-distance relationship that is beyond his control while balancing the adjustment to a college that couldn’t be more different from Castleton. As the novel progresses, Dylan learns the most valuable lesson that all young adults are forced to learn at some point: “we must go on because life goes on” (Hart 169).
Party School is a significant novel, especially for high school students, because it addresses some of the unspeakable social rules that follow young adults. The pages hold immense truths that every small-town kid has to come to terms with– truths that are far from normalized in today’s society.  It is a story about the struggle of being held to the stereotypes of society and expectations of others– even if the comparisons are unintentional. This short but wisdom-filled read is a must because it teaches the lessons nobody else wants to share. It is a fun, fast-paced book laced with deep thoughts. Give it a read. You won’t regret it!