Academy Spirit

Aubrey Conlon '26

It’s Spirit Week at AOSE! That means all students get certain dress-down days (they don’t have to wear their uniforms) with a theme to follow! The St. E’s student council all met to come up with some great ideas for the week! So, let’s get into all the days this week and what they entail. All Academy students are certainly in for a fun week, especially with Friday off!

Today (Monday) was “Disney Day,” so students had to dress up related to Disney! Whether it be princesses, Mickey Mouse, or even Disney references, students went all out for this fun day. Tuesday is “Tacky Tuesday,” meaning students should wear mismatched clothing. Fun patterns like polka-dots, stripes, stars, hearts, and anything you can think of that’s tacky will certainly cover the halls on Tuesday. Wednesday is “Panther Pride” and “Anything But A Backpack” Day, so all students should wear their Academy Spiritwear and bring anything but a backpack to hold their school items. And our final Spirit day, Thursday, is “Adam Sandler” Day. Yes, you read that right. All students should (or try their hardest) dress like Adam Sandler. If you didn’t know, Adam Sandler is pretty iconic. He stars in many comedic films and is, overall, a crowd favorite. We can’t wait to see what the vacations of this week entail, and I hope you learned a bit more about Spirit Week at the Academy!