Pollinators Committee

Aubrey Conlon '26

If you haven’t heard about the Pollinators Committee, I’m here to elaborate on all the fantastic things this club has done for the community at AOSE. Each member diligently works to preserve the environment around us by participating in fundraisers and hands-on activities. Of course, it’s still winter, so they haven’t had much chance to spring into action, but we can’t wait to see what else comes out of the Pollinators Committee this year! 

So far this year, the club has had many amazing accomplishments. They started off the year by hosting a fundraiser to sell seed bombs and pollinator pods. If you aren’t familiar with that terminology, seed bombs are a more efficient way to plant seeds, and pollinator pods are mini pockets of flowers that attract pollinators to your garden! They’re both eco-friendly and a great way to help the biodiversity of your backyard or garden. After this fundraiser, they organized a very successful bake sale. This past month, they hosted another fundraiser with pollinator-themed craft projects for Valentine’s Day! Paper flowers and origami were sold, which were a huge hit amongst the student body. Overall, it’s been a successful year for this club, and they aren’t stopping yet! Be on the lookout for upcoming events and fundraisers!