Divine Sophia


’26 Cate Mendrzycki’s representation of the Divine Sophia.

Madelyn Riordan '26

How do you picture God? Did it ever cross your mind that He may have a feminine side? Many people perceive God as a male and will deny it when they hear that there is a feminine side of God proven in the scriptures: the Divine Sophia. Mrs. Antico’s scripture classes were asked to create a painting that represented their idea of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Sophia.  Students utilized vibrant acrylic paints and different techniques to best capture the essence of the Divine Sophia. Each girl was asked to pull a verse from the Book of Wisdom that resonated with them to accompany their vision of the Divine Sophia. When looking at the paintings in their entirety, we observe that some students had very similar views, but others had some very different and unique approaches. Overall, everyone displayed their creativity, contributing to the colorful little art gallery in the back of the study hall. Not only does the display show the girls’ hard work and artistry, but also how much the scripture classes learned!