New AP’s at St. E’s

Bridget Lomax '24

Course previews were held on March 1, 2023, and with them came the long-awaited confirmation of two new AP courses: AP Environmental Science and AP Human Geography. The former will be taught by Mrs. Ameres, who is also responsible for Chemistry Honors, AP Chemistry, and AP Psychology. Mr. Gillespie, history teacher supreme, is set to teach AP Human Geography. Since the announcement, student interest seems piqued in both new courses.


According to CollegeBoard’s website, the course description for AP Environmental Science (Envi Sci) is as follows: “Explore and investigate the interrelationships of the natural world and analyze environmental problems, both natural and human-made. You’ll take part in laboratory investigations and field work.” The only prerequisites to enroll at the Academy are Algebra 2 experience and Biology– in other words, most rising Juniors and Seniors should be eligible.


AP Human Geography, on the other hand, will, “Explore how humans have understood, used, and changed the surface of Earth. You’ll use the tools and thinking processes of geographers to examine patterns of the human population, migration, and land use.” Mr. Gillespie emphasizes that the course is a bit of a misnomer in that graphs are not the focus– instead, students will puzzle through why humans live where they do and how their daily lives are subsequently affected.


If you’re like most Academy students, you’re looking forward to taking one or both of the aforementioned AP’s. In that case, remember to sign up and turn in your course selection sheets by the 16th of March! Ultimately, choose the classes you know you’ll enjoy– whether that means Envi Sci, Human Geography, or otherwise.

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