The Beth Ball

Madelyn Riordan '26

The week of January 29, 2023 – February 4, 2023, was exciting. It was Catholic Schools Week. There were a lot of exciting activities that took place. But there was one thing at the end of the week that everyone was looking forward to, the Beth Ball. The Beth Ball is the academy’s annual semi-formal dance. Everyone was looking forward to it. In the month leading up to it, dresses and dates were the talks of the school. Everyone was talking about what they were wearing and who they were bringing. People were going shopping last minute and scheduling hair and nail appointments. It was finally Friday, February 3, the day before Semi. That Friday was a service day for students as it was Catholic Schools Week. Students had early dismissal so they could go home and do what they needed to prepare. Finally, Saturday came.

At 7:00, students and their dates filled the Study Hall and the panther den. The Study Hall was beautifully decorated and used as a place students could chat to take a break from the dancing. The Panther Den transformed into a dark, fun-filled atmosphere with music and dancing. The theme this year was the masquerade ball. So, some students showed up in masquerade masks. Many students agree that the semi was fun, but the second half was better than the first. One reason for this is because of the music. After the music, dancing, and hanging out with friends, students gathered up with their friends and left. The fun night had come to an end, but we can’t wait for next year!