Mother-Daughter Tea

Bridget Lomax '24

On a crisp and sunny Sunday afternoon, students were invited to celebrate mass in the Holy Family Chapel on campus with their mothers. Academy-favorite Father Tom Fallone of St. Thomas More Church led the service accompanied by the steadfast Choir Club. This time, attendees were graced with a recollection of a Chick-Fil-A drive-through with the Father’s own, unamused mother. It is oftentimes the small sacrifices we make for each other– small as buying chicken nuggets together on a busy day– that love is made of. Readings by mother-daughter duos throughout and the “Ave Maria” to close off, all were welcomed into the Study Hall for refreshments.


Many consider the aforementioned coffee hour a highlight of the event. The 2022 Mother-Daughter Tea was Breakfast At Tiffany’s themed– last season was A Night in Paris. In any case, people delighted in trying the delicate hors d’oeuvres and blue chocolate fondue station. Blue dipping chocolate, you ask? Blue dipping chocolate indeed! The Academy’s Study Hall received a wave of turquoise-and-white decor to better suit the film, and the foods were no exception. From miniature quiches to bona fide macarons to brie-cucumber sandwiches on baguettes, the event had a hushed ambience natural to culture. 


En somme, those that attended were glad to have come, and those that stayed home didn’t know what they were missing.