Juniors Reach New Heights


Melanie Montanez '24

A feeling of excitement moved throughout the rock climbing gym during the 2022 Junior Retreat. Cheers were heard across the gym as classmates cheered on their fellow SEAsters while they climbed to the top of the rock wall. This amazing and fun retreat was a great way for the Class of 2024 to bond and take a break from the stress of the school day. The wonderful day started with a nice short prayer service in the school chapel, where the Junior Class was able to pray and learn the importance of believing in themselves, the central idea behind the retreat. Then the adventure began with the arrival of the class at the rock climbing gym. Upon arrival, students were paired with an instructor from the rock climbing gym to ensure safety during the event, instructors were very kind through their encouragement during the climbing. Students alternated between rock climbing and cheering their fellow classmates on as they climbed to the top of the wall, which took a lot of determination and strength. 

In order to rock climb, students had to trust in themselves and the instructors. Rock climbing was a fun way for students to learn the true idea of the retreat: believe in yourself. Everyone feels sad sometimes, but in sad times, you need to believe in yourself and the junior class definitely remembers to do this after this retreat. After rock climbing, the class of 2024 returned to SEU for a class discussion and most importantly, PIZZA. But, not only was there pizza, but popsicles were an added treat. After pizza and popsicles, students reflected how they believed in themselves and faced fear when rock climbing. And a wonderful story was shared by Dr. Sharma who told her inspiring story of how she persevered through hard times. 

The 2022 Junior retreat was a fun, and inspiring experience for all. A huge thanks to Mrs. Donnelly, Dr. Borin, Mrs. Antico and all the other chaperones for making this retreat possible. Thank you Dr. Sharma for your inspiring story that encourages us everyday to have perseverance and believe in ourselves. Through this retreat, the Junior Class has learned to have confidence and believe in themselves: a message that we will take for the rest of our lives.