Just Let Go


Jordan Brenner '23

You muster the courage to climb to the top of the rock wall and suddenly you’re stuck.

You have to let go to repel down, but you are simply unable. The fear of letting go is overwhelming and you’re frozen in position. Trust is the only way down. You trusted yourself to get up the wall– as well as the rope holding you up.  Now, you have to maintain that trust to complete the challenge. Class of ’23 students were certainly “in the moment” during this and other activities on junior retreat day which focused on trust.

Juniors were given a chance to bond and form a deeper connection with their peers during the retreat, which took place at Diamond Gymnastics and Saint Elizabeth University. “Throughout the course of the day I got to connect with peers, and form a trusting bond that was not there before,” commented Sonali Suri.

When the juniors got to SEU, Dr. Sunita Sharma shared a personal story of how trust enabled her to make the life changing journey from her birthplace in India to her new home in America. In traditional Catholic school fashion, the juniors began their day with a mass and ended it with a short prayer and gratitude for the experience.