Shooting Strikes


Morgan Lomax

Sophomore Fiona Farrell at STRYXE Bowling on March 1st, 2022 during the class retreat.

Morgan Lomax '24

Cheers erupted as sophomore Katie Wong shot her first strike– one of many joyous moments at the Class of 2024 retreat on March 1st. 

Decked in school apparel, students participated in activities organized by the Theology Department. The first stop was STRYXE Bowling, a “unique entertainment experience” located in Madison.  Carley Dumaresq reflected, “While the retreat helped me make deeper connections with my friends, their pro-bowling skills caught me off guard!”

The bowling alley was adjacent to an arcade area. The two most popular games were a roller coaster simulation and a motorcycle race. “The Sophomore retreat was a lot of fun!” said Melanie Montanez, who like many students, spent a significant amount of time in the arcade area.

Following a pizza and Pepsi lunch, the sophomores were driven to bonding activities at St. Elizabeth University.  Afterwards, there was a noticeable difference in the atmosphere. Class of 2024 President Grace Donald shared, “After a long day of fun activities and really getting to know each other, we were more connected as a class. When sharing our ideas everyone was comforted by their classmates.”