The Mystery of the Senior Lounge


Kayle Brody '25

What goes on in the senior lounge?

Beyond the LED lights at its entrance, the room is a mystery to the underclassmen. For the first time in a little over a year, the lounge was available to the Class of 2022 seniors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lounge could not open, as there were heavy mandates still in place. Although, once the mask mandate was lifted in schools, the senior space was fully extended to them, their moms each sacrificing a weekend to decorate the space.

“When we were surprised with the opening of the lounge, I didn’t know what it would look like. The senior moms did an absolutely beautiful job with the decorations, snacks, and necessities in the lounge, and it is now my favorite place in the school!” Kathryn Blount, a current senior at the Academy commented.

Prior to the opening of the lounge, some moms of the class of 2022 dedicated their time to put together and decorate the entire space, stocking it with snacks, various necessities, and a mini fridge. After losing hope in having access to the senior lounge after its closure in 2020, the girls were so excited to finally be able to utilize and have more than just a glimpse of the space. The entire senior class enjoys using the senior lounge at various points during the day. It is a great space for them to use during study halls to do work, take a power nap, and hang out with friends. While exploring the contents of the room, the girls came across an interesting find– a cabinet containing signatures of past seniors dating back to 2010, now with the addition of the Class of 2022.

A fellow senior, Avery Amato, shared her thoughts on her favorite parts of the room, “The LED lights give off such a good vibe, and the couch and the colors! It all makes you feel calm and very zen, helping to relieve anxiety.”

There seems to be a trend with the LED lights, as both Blount and Amato mentioned them as favorite parts of the room. The couches and general atmosphere of the lounge seem to be perfect for the girls. With the help of the comfortable environment of the room, the students have been able to let go of their stress and anxiety and take a minute for themselves to enjoy their senior titles.

When asked about how Blount felt in regards to the location of the senior lounge, she replied, “I actually love being in the mix of all of the underclassman locker rooms. Personally, I hate feeling secluded from all the action. The location is quiet enough to do work, but it is also in the perfect spot to say, ‘hi,’ to passing underclassmen and still remain in the fun ‘chaos.’”  Her final remarks expressed something that all of the underclassmen can relate to, “I knew that the seniors loved it there, and I remember not being able to wait until the class of 2022 had our time in the lounge!” After all, who can wait to have their signature in the cabinet?