Choir Club


Choir continues to meet several times before masses. On March 12, the club sang at Ms. Eileen O’Rourke’s Memorial Mass. In the future, the choir hopes to meet more often to practice songs for upcoming masses throughout the next couple of months. “Moving forward I’m hoping to have more frequent rehearsals,” Ms. Roper, moderator of the choir comments. Rehearsals often happen at lunch time around two to three times to prepare for one Mass. Choir club has grown over the years to 13 currently active members. Ms. Roper is hopeful these numbers will grow and continue to grow in the oncoming years. “Ultimately I would love to expand the choir program to include more students…” Choir club gives students the opportunity to really see what their voices can do. Learning to read music, sing harmony, and cantering are all things that happen within the choir at the Academy. So, as you see the choir practicing for the next Mass or event, consider joining!