AOSE Lenten Devotional 2022

With Ash Wednesday, starts a very important season in the Church and in The Academy.  To kick off the forty days of Lent, St. Elizabeth’s students and staff celebrated mass, presided by Father Tom, and received ashes. The students and staff of St. E’s use the time of Lent as a reflection and growth period in relation to their faith.  Mr. Stanzione is a leader in this area as he creates A Lenten Devotional with the help of faculty and students.  The Lenten Devotional is a collection of reflections based on the daily mass readings that leaves the readers with a main message to take with them as they go through the Lenten season.  The daily readings are read by faculty and students who volunteer to compose reflections based on what they took from each reading.  These reflections are composed into a digital and physical booklet that is given to the students and staff so that each person can learn something from the bible and learn more about how to live a faithful and good Catholic life.  Each day during the morning announcements during Lent, a piece of the daily reflection is read over the PA so that everyone in the Academy can take in the reading’s main message even if they aren’t able to read the whole excerpt.