Ambitious Student Ambassadors


The Student Ambassadors are a vital part of The Academy of St. Elizabeth’s.  They assist the administrators in charge of the admissions process and help prospective students to make the best decision ever!  Before the school year rolled around, the ambassadors had to submit a form, almost like an interview, which was not done in previous years.  The accepted 108 ambassadors got right to work at the start of the school year by attending meetings and going through training which has included how to give tours, explain programs The Academy offers, and shine the school in the best light possible. 

For the first four months of the school year, the ambassadors had meetings, gave tours, attended open houses, and became big SEAsters to potential students.  From October to December, the ambassadors met with families during open houses and after-school tours to aid young ladies in making the best decision ever!  At the end of December, after a long few months of working alongside Ms. O’Neill and Ms. Utoh, the ambassadors were rewarded with a pizza lunch to celebrate a successful admissions season. 

In January, after the class of 2026 was sent their acceptance letters, the ambassadors delivered acceptance bags to each of the accepted students’ homes and with that, the admissions process for the year came to a halt.  Now in March, the ambassadors still have lunch meetings to go through training and keep informed of what will be happening for the ambassadors in the near future, including Panter for a Day and Seventh grade day. Since COVID-19 numbers have decreased, the Ambassadors have opened up Panther for a Day again and potential future Panthers have already gone through Panther for a Day. Seventh Grade Panther for a Day is also coming up, on April 29th, where every prospective student from the seventh grade and come to St. E’s for a day and go through a normal high school day.