Ecology Club


Morgan Lomax

Seed bombs made by the Pollinators Committee.

Emma Ritchie '25 and Kayle Brody '25


The Pollinators Committee, a subgroup of the Ecology Club, has been up to quite a few things lately. At their most recent meeting, Morgan Lomax, Committee Chair, announced that the club would be holding a fundraiser by selling seed bombs on November 12th. Seed bombs contain a variety of different seeds rolled into a ball of clay. The fundraiser coincides with the end of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. 

The Pollinators Committee Branding Directors, Emma Brading and Ava Breault, will be in charge of designing posters for the fundraiser and working on the display. Brading commented, “I know me and the rest of the committee are really excited about the year and the events such as the fundraiser coming up soon.” The club is planning on planting seeds at the school during the spring. The students and faculty are looking forward to watching everything grow and bloom!