Teacher Feature: Mr. Watt


Josephine Copp-Salko

You might know that Mr. Watt is a Scorpio, but did you know that he’s also the Rubik’s cube champion of his high school? If you haven’t met Mr. Watt, he is the new head of STEM at AOSE and he has big plans to provide a wider variety of STEM classes in the following years.

After studying STEM for 7 1/2 years he’s more than well-versed in every aspect. When asked to advise graduating seniors looking to go into STEM he feels that we need more women in STEM because as he puts it, “STEM is solving extremely complex problems ergo you need a plethora of different perspectives on solving said problems. And you get no perspective when it’s just a bunch of men.” This leads to this great need for diversity and that’s where we come in. His advice to anyone that wants to pursue STEM is that it’s a big jump because all your classes will be complex math classes. (yay:/ ) But, if you’re diligent you can get through it. When asked what his favorite aspect of STEM is he says that it’s the set of tools you develop that help you think in a different way to solve the complex problems that come along with STEM. When I asked why he wanted to study STEM, he said he can’t remember a time when he didn’t.

As far as how Mr. Watt came to AOSE, he is very involved still in his old high school and his computer science his teacher had been asking him to do it for years and he had always put it off saying that he didn’t have “the patience nor temperaments for it”. but this year he decided to finally try it and I think we’re also happy he did. Along with his computer science teacher, he says his biggest inspiration was his physics teacher. He goes on to say that he’s the smartest teacher he’s ever had. He also greatly admired his passion for physics and engineering. Mr. Watt also mentions how his teacher was very passionate about the well-being of the environment and fought the stop water pollution caused by a major corporation he was involved in.  Mr. Watt has also expressed concern for the environment; talking about what an issue global warming is and that if he could live anywhere in the world it would be Norway because it’s so cold and the rate at which global warming is happening that’s the “most sensible” location.

Along with his physics teacher, he also draws great inspiration from Da Vinci and admires his art, natural sciences, physics, and engineering. He would love to see what he would do with the modern technological resources we have today, seeing that back in the 14th century he had already loosely designed a helicopter, and this was before we had planes.

In conclusion, I think I speak for everyone when I say we are thrilled to see what Mr. Watt is going to do with the AOSE STEM program, and we already adore him for the levity that he brings to our everyday lives.