December Horoscopes

December Horoscopes

Emma Brading

Happy Holidays, everyone! It is finally that time of the year again where you can drink only cider and hot chocolate, judgement-free! Not only is it the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the most optimistic. After all, it is Sagittarius season. With this season comes gingerbread, jingle bells, and positivity. So without further ado, here are your horoscopes for December!


Aries: This month, pay attention to any of those “gut feelings” you have. Listening to your intuition this month is crucial, especially regarding school and work. This will bring success in these two fields, so keep an eye out for them! Even though this intuition towards work is important, try to focus more on your relationships this month. Bonding with those special to you may feel easier and more enjoyable than ever, so take advantage of that! And finally, even though you may be inclined to focus a lot of time on work, remember that it is the holiday season! Now is a better time than ever to take a step back and relax a little bit. 


Taurus: This December, try your best to stay in the present. Remember that the past is over and live for the current moment. Make the most out of it! Also, try not to shut yourself out from the world. I promise, it feels much better to tell others about how you feel than to hold it all in. The people in your life who are important to you will be more than glad to see and hear from you! It’s an especially good time to get closer to or talk more with family members. You may also find yourself in a very good place work-wise, as you will feel ambitious and hard-working. Use this energy and put it into both things you have to do and things you love!


Gemini: You will be feeling optimistic and happy this season, embrace these positive vibes! Although you may be restricted from your usual abundance of parties and holiday get-togethers, you can still see those you love. Meet with small groups at a time, or have a huge zoom call, whatever fulfills your social needs! Speaking of friends, if you feel the need to get closer with one or a few in particular, go for it! Don’t ever hesitate to make deeper connections, as you and others will appreciate it in the long run. You may find the excitement from the holiday season making it frustrating to stay focused in school. Don’t give up! Just remember that break is coming, so don’t let go of your hard-working spirit!


Cancer: This season is all about new things for you. Have you been wanting to explore a new hobby? Have you been wanting to meet new people? Now is the time to do it! With newfound confidence and optimism from Sagittarius season, you’ll find it much easier to get out of your comfort zone! Also, try to listen to your deep thoughts. This could help you realize what you really want, especially if that’s been a problem recently. This season also brings good things education wise, as well. You may find it easier to pay attention and put your full effort into things. Follow these urges, so that once the holidays come around, nothing will be on your mind but hot cocoa and Christmas trees!


Leo: In general, the holidays are seen as a wonderful time to get together with family, but especially for you! At this time, you will feel that your relationships with family are smoother and easier than ever. You will find success in work and school. Something that will help boost this is by keeping the word of the season in mind: optimism. Keep your head up, Leo, good things are coming, so look forward to them! Your mental and emotional health may also be doing particularly well this month. Despite all of these good things, however, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to relax every now and then. If you feel overwhelmed by school and work, take a break and remember: it will all be okay!


Virgo: Even though you might usually be very reserved, you may feel drawn to be more social this season. Embrace this feeling! Hang out with some friends or family, and detach yourself from working at these times. You may also have an urge to find peace with yourself and others this month; don’t ignore this either. Even if it may be hard to listen to yourself, if you really put your mind to it and pay attention, you’ll be able to truly find the peace you want. Furthermore, you may have a boost in ambition this month, giving you some positive results education-wise. Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve. Stay determined, Virgo!


Libra: This December will bring you some well-deserved positivity. Whether it be with family, friends, or both, you may feel yourself being even more inclined than usual to be near them. Don’t hesitate to do so! These feelings are mutual with both the people you care about most and those who are special to you! This season also brings a special focus on school and work. This is amazing, as you won’t have to worry about it over the holidays! However, be aware of competitiveness, and don’t let it get the best of you. Focus on you and only you when it comes to success– you are the only person you need to worry about comparing yourself to!


Scorpio: With December comes amazing relationships for you, Scorpio! Whether it be a new friend or simply getting closer to an old one, you will find it much easier to talk with friends. You may also find things like school and work easier this month. Your talents may be of good use this month, so don’t be shy and use them when needed! Remember to stay confident in yourself. Ultimately, you are the only one who knows what is best for you, so listen to your intuition and live! Towards the end of December, you may find it a little bit difficult to focus on working, but don’t let this take away from your good efforts from the beginning of the month. Stay determined and remember: a break is coming! 


Sagittarius: This month, it may feel like everyone around you is full of energy and you are just dragging. This can be a discouraging feeling but remember: this feeling is completely normal and everyone feels it. You’ll get out of this slump soon enough. In the meantime, take the opportunity to pay extra attention to yourself. If you’ve been wanting to do more self-care but haven’t had the time, do it now! Your mind and body will thank you. Towards the end of the month, you will finally be getting an energy boost. Use this extra vigor towards school, work, and things you enjoy! Don’t get too overwhelmed, though– and remember, for the millionth time: A. Break. Is. Coming!


Capricorn: It’s the holiday season and, with that, comes many exciting things! Even though work is important to you, try to detach yourself from your obligations and school every now and then. It’s natural to want a break, so wanting to just wind down and watch a movie or see friends is something you absolutely need to do! Focusing on school and work though, this season is a great time for your psyche. Something about the end of the year boosts your ambition, so take advantage of that! However, once the Christmas break does come around, take it. Take a break. Please. You deserve it, and you may need to recharge more than you think! 


Aquarius: For you, this month should be all about tying up loose ends. If there’s something that’s been weighing on your mind for a little while, finish it up this season! You may also find an unexpected new perspective on something, so keep your eyes open. Whether it is related to school, relationships, or just life, gaining a new outlook is always exciting! You may also be receiving more appreciation for your positive qualities, so take in the compliments you may receive this month! This month may be tough for you school-wise, but don’t let that get you down! Try to remember that your hard work isn’t for nothing, so make an effort to not lose motivation at the end of the year! 


Pisces: This season may come with change and new ideas–embrace them! Having something new to focus on may seem like a lot for the end of the year, but if it’s something you enjoy or want to grow in, it’s definitely worth it! Also, with the year ending, you may find yourself thinking (worrying) about the future. Try to fight against this though, because it could prevent you from living in the moment. Stay grounded and enjoy the present, instead of worrying how the future will unfold. Similar to Aquarius, motivation may not be something that is coming easy to you right now. But again– don’t give up! You are so close to the end of the year, so try to end it off on a good note!


And there you have it! All twelve horoscopes for the holiday season. The end of the year comes with a mix of emotions– try to enjoy and embrace them all! Whether you’re sad about this year ending, or happy that it’s finally coming to a close, try to also look forward to the next. And, in the meantime, drink some cocoa and light some candles. Merry Christmas to all signs, and to all signs, a good night!