October 2021 Horoscopes

Emma Brading and Ella Delatush

Happy October, Halloween, and most importantly, Libra season! This is the time of year for scary movies, apple cider, and optimism. Although we’re at that time of year where it’s getting colder outside, with this being Libra’s month, you might be getting that warm and fuzzy feeling inside! Whether it’s new opportunities, rekindling of relationships, or maybe a boost of confidence, this month has got us all feeling confident and positive.

Aries: With it being the season of your opposite sign, there will definitely be some changes coming your way. You may be meeting and beginning relationships with new people. You may also notice yourself having a hankering for adventure– embrace it! New things come from experimenting, so don’t be afraid to follow that daring instinct. On the other end of things, you may be thinking more logically and rationally. One thing to really strive for this month is trying to let go of grudges– they’re only weighing you down. Once you finally let go of those grievances, you’ll feel a sense of relief and happiness, and hey, isn’t that what this season is all about?

Taurus: With this season comes love, and for you, self love should be a focus. Treat yourself! Whether it’s a face mask, a nice cup of tea, or even just watching a halloween movie, remember to show yourself some love. With this, you’ll feel whole, happy, and spiritually complete. Also, have some project you never got to finish? Well, now is the time to finish it! And finally, Taurus, break those habits you’re settled into! If they’re holding you back from positive change, now is the time for a shift!

Gemini: This October, make sure to have fun! Have fun in everyday life by seeing the good in anything and everything. Pay attention to your creativity and how you want to use it. And speaking of want– what do you want? Ask yourself this, and really think about it. What is it you really want (to spend your time on, create, etc.)? Also, with these tough questions, could come some equally tough answers. And since with Libra season comes a desire for justice, making peace with others will bring you some, too. 

Cancer: This season is a wonderful time for joy! You may especially find this happiness through spending time with your family. Alongside this fun though, focus on work, as well. Since you are feeling extra inspired and ambitious this month, now is the time to do so. Also, you may be in a stage of rediscovery at the moment, and this could lead to a need for change. Don’t resist this change, though, since it is a positive thing! Keep your mind and heart open this month, and don’t let new ideas overwhelm you!

Leo: With this season comes change for Leo, but you may not notice it immediately. Don’t give up, though! Your hard work will pay off, so don’t lose hope just because you aren’t seeing results quickly. If you notice yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed this season, remember to practice mindfulness. Noticing and appreciating the positive things, big or small, can lift your mood and remind you that everything is going to be okay. With this, also, keep yourself grounded and be present in the moment. Adding on, with October may come some new ideas– share them! People want to hear what you have to say, so don’t shy away from telling others your latest plans! 

Virgo: With October, you’ll be really craving that nice cozy feeling, so, give in and let yourself have a day of snuggling in blankets and watching a Halloween movie (I recommend The Nightmare Before Christmas)! This will give you an excuse to relax, which you really need to do! You work so hard, so having time to recharge is definitely a must. You may also be feeling some intense passion in creative areas, which you should explore! With this though, don’t be afraid to ask for help! You can sometimes be prone to being almost too independent, so remember, you can be self sufficient while also seeking others’ help and advice. 

Libra: It’s your month! Happy Birthday and Halloween! You may be wanting change in yourself along with your aesthetic and style. With this month, you should keep your mind open to change, specifically in relationships with other people. Whether it’s meeting a new person or becoming closer with a friend, you may notice yourself being very appreciative of any and all of people you love! Also, some new ideas may be coming into your head, so be sure to explore them. And finally, with this being your month, you’re feeling confident in yourself– as you should! Happy Libra season, Libra!

Scorpio: This season, pay attention to your subconscious (dreams; as they are extra active right now, daydreams, etc.), as it may have some advice hidden in it. Although you’re usually quite secretive, you may find yourself being extra hidden. Try to fight this urge to secrecy though, people want to know about you, Scorpio! Also, letting go of that grudge you may be carrying will give you a great deal of relief. Give yourself some peace, and let go. You may also find yourself being extra generous this season. And finally, don’t be afraid of self transformation! This season could bring out some urges to change, so embrace it! See you next month for Scorpio season, Scorpio!

Sagittarius: You could be hoping for the future a lot this month, which is wonderful! But, don’t let that distract you from the many positive things happening in the moment. There may be some new friends and relationships entering your life– be open to them! However, never feel rude for setting some boundaries if you feel they are needed. Also, you may be feeling extra beautiful this month. And as you should, you are gorgeous, Sagittarius! Finally, remember to keep a healthy balance of work and relaxation. You can tend to overwork yourself, so make sure you’re making time to do the things you love too!

Capricorn: This season, you may be finally getting recognition for all your hard work! This may make you feel like you have to get right back into constantly working, but don’t let this stop you from taking it a little slower this month. Also, don’t be afraid to daydream! You can sometimes shy away from this since it may seem like a waste of time or thought, but it’s definitely not! Daydreaming a wonderful way to come up with new ideas and maybe even spark a new interest. Speaking of, if you find yourself losing interest in something you once really loved, don’t worry. We all grow and change, so losing one interest just gives a spot for a new, exciting one!

Aquarius: With Libra season comes a loving, uplifting atmosphere which you should embrace! This is also a lovely time to re-enter an unfinished project, as you may be more efficient and inspired in it this month. Like Scorpio, pay close attention to your dreams. With all of this positive energy in the air, only one thing could be weighing you down: grudges. Like almost every other sign this month, letting go of grudges could be like a breath of fresh air, and just give yourself a more peaceful, calm October. And again, enjoy the month!

Pisces: Last, but definitely not least, Pisces. This month, for you, is all about getting a fresh start. Now is the perfect time to both apologize and accept apologies. Also, if you have any bad habits you feel are weighing you down, break them! Also this month, try to be flexible with your emotions. This month could be very thrilling and exciting for you. And while this is great, this could come with feelings of impatience and anxiousness, so remember to live in the present! And finally, Pisces, give some time to yourself this month! You care so much about others that sometimes, you care more about them than yourself. Give yourself some love this season!

Happy Libra season, everyone! Remember to enjoy the season of love and candy, and truly live in it! See you next month for Scorpio season!