If Zodiac Signs Were In A Horror Movie


Carley Dumaresq and Chengli Payton

Whenever my friends and I decide to watch a scary movie, as much as we all hate to admit it (since we’re the ones yelling at the main character to look behind the shower curtain), we’re the “young and stubborn” teenagers who would get killed in the film. It depends on the group of friends you’re with, especially if they’re as crazy as mine when it comes to figuring out the killer or coming up with an escape plan. If you haven’t tried it, it’s fun to figure out where everyone would fit in if they were in the movie. Although I believe there is some truth to zodiac signs, my friends believe in it 100%, and that’s how we came to find this chart. According to my zodiac sign, Aries, I’m the first one to die. After reading this aloud to my friends, everyone burst into laughter, considering I’m the one they “sacrifice” for their protection. As my friends put it best, since I’m the oldest, that automatically makes me in charge, and therefore have the responsibility of sitting at the very edge of the couch to protect them from being dragged to their deaths by a ghost… Ouch. Hopefully, your friends don’t like to sacrifice you as much as mine do, but show this to them, and they’ll be sure to get a good laugh out of it- I know mine did!


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